VIDEO The Martian deleted scene - more Martian


VIDEO The Martian deleted scene - more Martian

The Martian was a big hearted hit at cinemas last year, with a surprisingly human film from director Ridley Scott, helped along by a terrific performance by Matt Damon.

It's an inspiring story and one that you probably should have seen by now, so we're going to go ahead and post a video with an extended scene from the ending anyway. If you missed the film so far, then you probably shouldn't watch the video.

You have been warned.

Scott's films always seem to have plenty of deleted material and this represents a change from what we see in the theatrical cut. A quiet moment with Damon's Watney as he sees Earth again - afte assuming he was dead - makes for a fine little coda and it's a shame there wasn't time for it in the finished film.

That said, for a fairly light sci-fi/drama/comedy the film was already overlong at 141 minutes, so it's probably best that this was left on the cutting room floor. It's always interesting to see how these decisions are made.

The Martian is on home video now.

VIDEO The Martian deleted scene - more Martian on
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