VIDEO The Nice Guys red band trailer - this looks great!


VIDEO The Nice Guys red band trailer - this looks great!

Do you know the name Shane Black? He was the fancy young screenwriter who became an overnight sensation for penning Lethal Weapon back in the mid 80s and went on to lend his particular talents to the likes of Predator, The Last Boy Scout and The Long Kiss Goodnight.

More recently he's been back in the frame as the unlikely writer/director of Iron Man 3 - easily the best of the Stark stories - and he's got another film on the way called The Nice Guys. This owes a lot to his 2005 directorial debut Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which was a formative moment in the return of Robert Downey jr to the big screen.

The first trailer for The Nice Guys has arrived, and you should know this is very not safe for work. And also hilarious.

Ok so let's be totally honest - neither of these folks will ever be as funny as the pairing of RDj and Val Kilmer in KKBB - they're both much better known for serious roles and while Ryan Gosling can sell a comedy moment he's going to have to work hard with Russell Crowe as his foil.

Still, Crowe can hit things and Gosling can cringe - which will also work out well. Otherwise its pretty familar stuff from Black, with a twisty mystery, voice over and a film that could be set in pretty much any decade, this time it's the 70s. We'd be happy if Shane Black made every film but we'll have to settle with this one for the moment.

The Nice Guys is in cinemas in May 2016.

VIDEO The Nice Guys red band trailer - this looks great! on
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