VIDEO The Nice Guys trailer - Shane Black is back


VIDEO The Nice Guys trailer - Shane Black is back

Shane Black is a name you might know. He's the writer of Predator and Lethal Weapon and a fella who made his directorial debut with the utterly hilarious Kiss Kiss Bang Bang which pretty much catapulted Robert Downey jnr to superstardom. Then the filmmaker came on board to write and direct Iron Man 3.

He's a man with a uniquely entertaining style, complete with gag heavy dialogue and obsession with noir themes, Christmas and Los Angeles. So his new film The Nice Guys looks like it could be just about the best thing ever.

It stars Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling as a pair of fairly crooked sorts who end up working together on the case of a missing girl. And the new trailer is tops.

It has all the elements you expect, complete with the really dark humour which Black had to sideline for his foray into Marvel territory. I wasn't totally sure about the pairing of these two actors before but Crowe seems to work brilliantly as the serious side of the mix, and Gosling continues to find out he has a real knack for comedy.

The plot will likely be all over the place, in a good way, and there are definitely shades here of KKBB but who cares so long as Black is making movies. Next up, he's writing and directing The Predator, a reboot of the sci-fi series. Can't wait!

The Nice Guys is in cinemas in June 2016.

VIDEO The Nice Guys trailer - Shane Black is back on
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