VIDEO This TRON lightcycle ride looks incredible


VIDEO This TRON lightcycle ride looks incredible

TRON Legacy was a film which people never really expected to see and one which didn't totally land with audiences.

Personally I thought it was pretty good fun and there hasn't been a big screen spectacle to match it in years, especially the neon lit visuals and the extraordinary score by Daft Punk.

We won't be getting a blockbuster sequel any time soon but that spectacle is in full force in a new theme park ride which is set to open soon in Disneyland Shanghai. It lets you sit on a lightcycle and takes you on a fast paced ride through darkness and light and colour.

The ride isn't officially open yet but someone managed to get an early preview and brought their camera along. Check it out.

As someone who isn't particularly fond of the full rollercoaster experience this looks like something I could handle. The sense of speed is great and the design all recreates the movie perfectly. And then there's the booming score which is perfect for any setting.

So if you happen to be heading to Shanghai in the future, check it out!

VIDEO This TRON lightcycle ride looks incredible on
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