VIDEO Transformers 5- on set with The World's Loneliest Dog


VIDEO Transformers 5- on set with The World's Loneliest Dog

There's a new Transformers film on the way, with director Michael Bay returning for a film called The Last Knight.

You may have many thoughts about Bay but we're going to go ahead and assume he's really a gent because he basically loves dogs. A few months back it was reported that he had seen a story about a dog who had been waiting to find a new owner for six years, and promptly cast the pooch in his next film.

Here's she is on set with none other than Sir Anthony Hopkins!


Bay initially said that he would adopt Freya if no one else did but it seems she's already found a loving home, with her new owner on set for filming. And what a debut, walking the grounds of a massive castle with an Oscar winner, who might have a transforming tank standing guard in the background.

The Last Knight sounds pretty nuts, with rumours of some connection to the time of King Arthur in the story as well as the return of the character played by Mark Wahlberg. Let's hope Irish fella Jack Reynor doesn't have another scene about stautory rape this time...

See it in cinemas in June, 2017.

VIDEO Transformers 5- on set with The World`s Loneliest Dog on
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