VIDEO Watch the most emotional movie scenes ever


VIDEO Watch the most emotional movie scenes ever

Emotions are funny things, and some movies do a great job of toying with them to a huge degree.

The fine folks at Cinefix have dived into the feels to put together a list of the 10 most emotional scenes in movies. Check it out below but you might need some tissues!

It's a somewhat random list but more varied than I was expecting. There's a tendancy for folks to really only thing of recent releases, and that definitely isn't the case here.

There are plenty of strong examples too. Personally for me the moment in Saving Private Ryan has long been burned into my memory as one of the most searing examples what war must feel like, the incredible struggle for each human life because its all you have. There's a flash of The Fountain in here too, which broke me the first time I saw it.

That said, it's all extremely subjective but if you were looking for some material to give you a good old cry, these are definitely good places to start!

-Daniel Anderson

VIDEO Watch the most emotional movie scenes ever on
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