Vin Diesel shows off emotional Furious 8 poster


Vin Diesel shows off emotional Furious 8 poster

Furious 8 is less than a year away, with a release set for April 2017 and plenty of action and stunts promised for the continuing franchise.

It's amazing that the series has lasted so long, mostly thanks to the enduring passion of lead Vin Diesel and the a rejuvenated sense of power and purpose which came through in the fifth film and turned the franchise into a real blockbuster.

It's all good news for F&F fans but there's still an element of sadness after the loss of fan favourite Paul Walker in a car crash in late 2014. Furious 7 became a tribute to the actor and it seems co-star and long time friend Diesel isn't done paying homage just yet.

Here's the latest poster for the new film, which seems to have something missing.

Dom is there with his iconic car but there's no sign of Walker or his own speedy beast. It's a suggestion that the character will always be with him, bringing an emotional element which is rarely a part of long running action franchises.

We do know that there will be some new blood for Furious 8, with Charlize Theron on board as the main villian - Furiousa 8 anyone? Director F. Gary Gray is at the helm and the good news for fans is that there are already release dates for episodes 9 and 10 in 2019 and 2020.

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