Vinyl TV show cancelled - no more rock or roll for you


Vinyl TV show cancelled - no more rock or roll for you

Vinyl was a new HBO show created by Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger about the music business in the 70s. It had a big budget, creatives from Boardwalk Empire involved and a cast including Olivia Wilde, Juno Temple and Bobby Cannavale.

That was all enough to get it renewed for a second season back in February and now... well it turns out that was premature.

Variety reports that Vinyl has been cancelled and we won't be seeing this larger than life story again. It was a surprise that the show got renewed at all, given its obvious cost and the rather muted reponse from audiences and critics alike.

HBO has a lot of shows in the works or active at the moment and some - like Game of Thrones and the upcoming Westworld - are very expensive productions. It's likely that the decision against Vinyl came down to a balance sheet of where that cash could be best spent, and why keep throwing resources at a show that was only half liked.

Still it's a shame to see that potential go to waste, maybe we'll get even shinier dragons in the next season of GoT.

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