Voyage of Time trailer- Terrence Malick's crazy IMAX film about Everything!


Voyage of Time trailer- Terrence Malick's crazy IMAX film about Everything!

Back in the late 1970s, languid filmmaker Terrence Malick began production on a film called Q. It was supposed to examine the origins of all life on Earth and be epic in scope and scale. In pretty typical fashion, the director walked away from the project and parked it for a decade or three.

Now it's back in a new form called Voyage of Time - only now the remit is to take in the lifespan of the universe from explosive birth to whimpering death. It's nothing if not ambitious.

Here's the trailer for the IMAX version which will be 40 minutes long and is narrated by Brad Pitt. There's a longer cut for regular screens with words by Cate Blanchett too.

Malick made Days of Heaven, The Thin Red Line, The New World and The Tree of Life so it's no wonder that this film looks breathtakingly beautiful and it will combine footage shot in locations around the world with dazzling visual effects and images which take up the full IMAX frame. At 40 minutes, it's also a more reasonable length than some of his more recent efforts.

Anyone who caught The Tree of Life probably has a good idea of how this film will unfold based on the interlude which skimmed through the creation of Earth and life in a brisk 15 minutes. Again, it's very pretty stuff.

The longer cut might run as long as 90 minutes but it's impossible to know at this point. It's in cinemas in the US on the 7th of October, no word on an international release yet.

Voyage of Time trailer- Terrence Malick`s crazy IMAX film about Everything! on
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