Warcraft is a massive movie hit in China


Warcraft is a massive movie hit in China

Warcraft the Beginning came out last week and we thought it was a decent enough fantasy epic, with some of the best CG characters ever made and clear intentions for future entries.

The general critical reaction has been a bit more negative and early tracking for the US release on the 10th of June 2016 is suggesting the film could be a bit of a bomb. However it's never quite that simple - IMDb is has the user rating at 7.8, suggesting actual punters are quite enjoying Duncan Jones' new film.

And then Warcraft opened in China and totally exploded.

The film released on Wednesday the 8th of June and took in 46 million dollars in a single night. That makes it the second biggest single day ever, behind Furious 7, and the biggest for a mid week release.

With other international figures, including Ireland and the UK, the film has already earned over 120 million worldwide, and there are still some territories to go. The figures from Forbes suggest that there's definitely still hope for sequels in the future, and also reaffirms how the US box office is becoming less significant over time, especially in light of the behemoth of China.

Consider that the film hasn't had a weekend release in China yet, and the massive local subscriber base for the Warcraft game and there's room for it to make close to 200 million, putting it alongside the likes of Civil War and Zootopia.

And the tale in the US isn't over yet either. Word of mouth could easily bring in more viewers than expected, with reviewer scores being overly harsh on the 160 million dollar feature. There's still hope we might return to Azeroth again.

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