Warcraft movie release delayed


Warcraft movie release delayed

The world of Warcraft is one with a long and storied history, but its still one you might have missed entirely.

That's because to date it's existed entirely as video games as well as spin-off novels, board games, card games and comics. It all kicked off on the 23rd of November 1994 when Blizzard Entertainment released their sixth game called Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. It first appeared on PC and was a real-time strategy title where you played as Orcs or Humans and created a base, built up units and tried to destroy everyone else on the map.

Two more RTS games followed until 10 years later in 2004 when World of Warcraft was launched, pretty much changing the gaming landscape forever. It was the first really successful massively multiplater online role playing game and over a decade later has earned over $10 billion with over 10 million active users. If you've heard of anything Warcraft related, it's going to be WoW.

With the video game world pretty much sewn up, the franchise is finally turning its eyes towards the big screen, with a blockbuster movie which was first officially announced all the way back in 2006. After much shuffling, Moon director Duncan Jones was hired to helm and things progressed slowly, with production finally kicking off in January 2014.

At the time, the film was aiming for a release in December 2015 but the arrival of the Star Wars train derailed that date, forcing Warcraft to push into March 2016. And now we're hearing in a communication from studio Universal that the date has shifted again, this time moving to June 10th 2016.

Its likely that these changes have to do with trying to position the film as a major release (hence the summer deadline now) while also avoiding competition with too many other massive franchise films. Warcraft has a bit of an advantage here with the massive fanbase and also it's high fantasy setting. It's comfortably a few weeks after Alice in Wonderland 2 and there isn't much else in that space. And with a proposed PG-13 rating, it's going to be able to appeal to a large audience.

Of course the film could move again, especially with Jones taking on his first project of this size and the complexity of the special effects involved - it's a live action film but many of the major characters will be portrayed through photo-real CG.

The cast of Warcraft includes Domonic Cooper, Ben Foster and Irish lady Ruth Negga while CG-assisted Orcish sorts include Toby Kebbell and Clancy Brown. The story will show the first violent interactions between Orcs and Humans and will let the audience see both sides of the conflict.

Warcraft is set for release in June 2016.

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