Warner Bros Announces 12 DC Movies Between Now and 2020!


Warner Bros Announces 12 DC Movies Between Now and 2020!

Warner Bros Pictures and New Line have just confirmed that they've got a fleet of DC related movies on the way, filling out their slate until at least 2020!

Here's the list of the confirmedfilms to start with:

- Batman v Superman (2016)
- Suicide Squad (2016)
- Wonder Woman (2017)
- Justice League Part One (2017)
- The Flash (2018)
- Aquaman (2018)
- Shazam (2019)
- Justice League Part Two (2019)
- Cyborg (2020)
- Green Lantern (2020)

And this will also include stand alone movies for Henry Cavill's Supeman and Ben Afflecks Batman during that time.Wow!

You definitely can't fault their ambition - DC has seen the success of The Avengers and wants a piece of that action. Several (if not all) of these films will have an element of crossover between them, all building up to the first Justice League movie a mere three years from now.

That's a lot to establish in a short space of time, especially when you consider that JL will debut just a year after Bat v Supes finally arrives in 2016. Marvel built from Iron Man to The Avengers over four years and also wisely limited the number of appearances by the superheroes at the start (bar the hiccup of Hulk).

There was plenty more information in the press release, including confirmation that Snyder will take point on B v S as well as both Justice League movies. He's going to be a busy man. Fury's David Ayer has the helm on Suicide Squad - about a supervillain team-up and Gal Gadot is on for Wonder Woman.

Amy Adams is on for JL Part One, Jason Momoa IS AQUAMAN and The Rock has confirmed he's baddie Black Adam in Shazam. And then, after presumably generating some good will, they're going to give Green Lantern another go. Sheesh. Oh and Ezra Miller has been cast as The Flash, so we can rule out any cross over with the TV version, where the character is played by Grant Gustin. Unless he bites the bullet of death before then...

All that, and we're leaving out the fact that there's actually a Lego Batman movie on the way as well, which has just been confirmed to be directed by Chris McKay (Robot Chicken) with a release date of 2017.

Things are about to get very interesting indeed for DC fans...

First up - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which is in cinemas March 25th 2016.

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