Warner Bros. Working on NINE Additional DC Movies


Warner Bros. Working on NINE Additional DC Movies
And that doesn't include Justice League...

If you thought things were a little oversaturated on the comic book movie front thanks to just Marvel, then you're in for a massive shock when you hear that Warner Bros. is planning almost as many of its own DC Comics based flicks for the years ahead.

With Justice League officially confirmed this week (as if we didn't know that was being worked on already...), talk has turned to the studio's future plans and, according to the Wall Street Journal, there are a total of nine movies "in development" to come AFTER Justice League hits our screens.

The studio has no shortage of characters to work with thanks to the huge back catalog of work from DC Comics but, unlike Marvel, not too many of them besides the obviouscould really be classed as household names. With the studio going up against Marvel's plethora of superstar names, it could prove tricky in the long run, especially if Warner is relying on building up characters to the general public in a similar vein to the way Marvel took Iron Man into the spotlight - the big difference is that when Marvel did it, decent comic book movies were a novelty, these days they're literally everywhere.

Don't get us wrong, we love superhero flicks, but with so many currently being worked on, we get the feeling there's going to be a major backlash from the theatre-going public in the very near future.

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