Watch 10 minutes of Batman v Superman extended cut


Watch 10 minutes of Batman v Superman extended cut

Whatever your thoughts on Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice the film was a reasonable success for Warner Bros and managed to set up the future run of films featuring characters like Aquaman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League.

With the home video release of the film looming, we're also set to receive the gift of an Ultimate Edition - a new cut of the film with an extra 30 minutes of footage. The first reviews for this version are filtering out onto the web and the consensus is that they improve the film in a number of ways.

You can see the first 10 minutes of the extended cut right here.

Ok so this particular snippit is pretty light on new additions, the only one we spotted was Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne tending to a couple of small children on his way through the chaos. The main feature itself has plenty more to offer, including an entirely new character played by Jena Malone and we're also hearing that Henry Cavill's Superman gets a lot more to do.

It all sounds positive and should help boost interest while we wait for the future DC movies. You can watch the film now on streaming services in some parts of the world, though it seems to mostly be region locked to the US for the moment. Failing that the Ultimate Edition will be out on home video in Ireland on the 29th of July, 2016. The theatrical cut will also be available.

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