Watch a clip from John Travolta's awful electrician movie


Watch a clip from John Travolta's awful electrician movie




Take a look:

Here Mr T. and his impressive beard share credit as a man named Beau who is a lineman. That's not some kind of trapeze artist, but the title for people who work on electrical wires. It's an incredibly dangerous job, and that's before a deadly storm descends.

The film has played in a few places around the world, pretty much universally to the dismay of people who actually work in this highly trained industry. You can read some reviews over on IMDb but here are some choice lines:

"I was intrigued to watch this movie and then appalled at the portrayal of these workers as hard ass, boozed-up bar brawlers"

"Travolta needs to hang it up and go back to his Welcome Back Kotter days. At least there is some entertainment in that." [a 70s sitcom]

"They seemed like they were sure that this was a bad idea, and they said let's do this, let's ruin everything, it seems like a good idea to destroy ourselves as actors."

If you still really want to see Life on the Line, it's coming to VOD this month.

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