Watch Documentary Atari: Game Over For Free Right Now!


Watch Documentary Atari: Game Over For Free Right Now!

The story became legend - millions of copies of the disastrously bad E.T. game were buried in the desert in New Mexico, never to be seen again. It's an incredible image and one that perfectly encapsulates the rise and sudden fall of video game makers Atari.

The fact that it ended up being true, with the cartridges liberated from the dust in summer 2014, makes the story all the more strange and compelling, and you get to see exactly how it unfolded in documentary film Atari: Game Over.

The film comes from the (fairly ill-fated) Xbox Entertainment Studios and arrives for free on Xbox Live today. So if you just go to your Xbox 360 or Xbox One and find your movie section (which can be harder than it should be) it'll be right there ready to play for free. Here's the trailer.

Strangely enough the film comes from Zak Penn, better known for writing X-Men: The Last Stand and having a hand in the script for The Avengers. He also co-wrote Last Action Hero back in the day. This is his first documentary.

Video game and doc fans - have at it!

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