Watch Exodus: Gods and Kings Trailer - Christian Bale is Moses!


Watch Exodus: Gods and Kings Trailer - Christian Bale is Moses!

Ridley Scott has made some big movies in the past, from Blade Runner to Kingdom of Heaven via Gladiator. And the one thing you could say about all of them is that they're very pretty.

The same holds true for his latest - Exodus: Gods and Kings. It's a retelling of the biblical tale of Moses (that's Christian Bale) who is all about getting those Israelites out of Egypt and across a large and potentially dangerous body of water. This is complicated by his relationship with his adopted bro Rhamses - who also happens to be the divine ruler of all.

It's going to get messy, possibly even apocalyptic. Which you can see in the first trailer.

See, pretty.

But it's been many years since Scott made a definitely decent film, arguably as far back as 2008's Body of Lies and I'd argue he hasn't had a real winner since Gladiator. Last year's The Counselor was a disaster and the box office receipts have been trailing.

So will this break that cycle? Scott is at his best with grand period fare and this certainly ticks those boxes. The budget makes the sets huge and detailed and the SFX vibrant and real. He's got a great cast front and centre and some strong support. But is there really anything new to be brought to this tale? It sounds like he's trying to make a version which isn't that interested in monotheistic religion, so what else do you have left?

Still, the Red Sea sequence is going to be stunning. Though I feel like I'm going to miss some of the tuneage...

Exodus: Gods and Kings stars Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, Aaron Paul, Ben Kingsley, Sigourney Weaver and Ben Mendelsohn.

See it in cinemas in December 2014.

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