Watch New Red Band Trailer for A Million Ways to Die in the West - MacFarlane's Folly?


Watch New Red Band Trailer for A Million Ways to Die in the West - MacFarlane's Folly?
Do we think this is going to work?

Ok Seth MacFarlene, Ted was a big success. You managed to make an R-rated comedy that raked in almost $550 million worldwide chiefly by realising that people like it when cute fuzzy toys curse and hump things.

This hardly takes genius level thinking.

Ted was a literally a one joke film and while I laughed at that one joke at least two dozen times I am certainly not proud of it. For his follow-up, MacFarlane is heading out West.

Which is a terrible idea because of many reasons. But mainly because Westerns are second only to pirate movies in being the kinds of duds that threaten to sink studios, which basically happened with Heaven's Gate in 1980. Bye bye MGM. Last year's The Lone Ranger is just a recent example - there's also Cowboys & Aliens, The Alamo, Jonah Hex.. the list goes on.

And that's not to bring to the table Wild Wild West which with its comedy underpinnings might be closest to what MacFarlane is going for here.

Anyway, here's the latest red band trailer. You don't want to watch it with your mother.

Westerns can be wonderful but they're also expensive to make and difficult to market - if someone doesn't like Westerns they're just not going to be convinced its worth the effort. When you add that Western stigma to MacFarlane's... unique style of comedy you have a film which might yet prove to be a monumental disaster.

Then again, the man has fanatical fans who still watch his TV shows long after they've stopped being funny so the observation-visual gag-exclamation structure might be something they still get a giggle out of.

Either way, you can watch it from the 30th of May 2014.

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