Watch Predestination Trailer - Ethan Hawke Does Time Travel


Watch Predestination Trailer - Ethan Hawke Does Time Travel

2010's Daybreakers was a fun little vampire flick that was big on ideas and slightly lazy on execution. But it was the start of an interesting little genre experiment for Ethan Hawke, who has gone on to the likes of The Purge and Sinister.

And now he's back in a time travelling kind of thing made by Aussie brothers Michael and Peter Spierig. They also helmed Undead and Daybreakers and this time they're taking aim at a short story by Robert Heinlein called "-All You Zombies-". Unfortunately, they've renamed it Predestination.

The first trailer just dropped, with a fairly vaguely sketched look at what time travelling Hawke is up to, bringing a young woman (played by Sarah Snook) back in time.

Fair warning - don't read anything else about the original short story if you want there to be any surprises in the final film. But if they stick to that tale, there's some pretty strong stuff to come.

Predestination hits cinemas in Australia soon and hopefully will get a release elsewhere in 2014.

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