Watch the awesome one shot fight scene from Daredevil!


Watch the awesome one shot fight scene from Daredevil!

The Marvel magic continues with Daredevil, it's a great series which manages to exist in the same world as Thor and Iron Man without spoiling the drama of a single (blind) dude trying to do his best in Hell's Kitchen.

It's got some top performances and a great sense of style but one of the standout elements of the show has to be the action. The fight choreography is grounded and intense and much nastier than anything else we've seen from Marvel, giving Daredevil an identity of its own and helping to get us invested in the character. And one of the best action moments comes at the end of episode 2 when Daredevil heads to a Russian mobsters den to in search of someone who has been kidnapped.

I'm not going to say anymore about the plot but will just mention that there are no real spoilers here, just some great ass-kicking.

There's some great into about the fight over on /Filmbut I'm pretty sure at least some of it is misinformation. There are clear cuts in the scene above, at least twice, despite those behind the production suggesting it was all done in one. They may well have shot the entire piece in one long camera move and had to end up using different takes to get the best material, we may never really know. Regardless, it's still a technical triumph, with long shots incredibly hard to do in any kind of filmmaking, especially when there's action to consider. My favourite moment is definitely towards the very end - around 2.46 - when there's a great opportunity for a swap between the no-doubt exhausted stuntman and lead actor Charlie Cox.

We should all take a moment to hail the work of stunt player Chris Brewster who did a lot of work as Cox's double on Daredevil and also appeared in everything from Avatar to Twilight, Star Trek Into Darkness and plenty more. And he never gets to show his face! Well here his is and you can check out plenty more at his official site.

Daredevil season 1 is on Netflix now.

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