Watch the Incredible Choreography That Goes into The Raid 2's Epic Final Fight


Watch the Incredible Choreography That Goes into The Raid 2's Epic Final Fight

The Raid was an Indonesian action film made on a budget of just $1 million that still stands tall as one of the best action films in recent memory. And yet, very few people actually made the effort to get out and see it in cinemas, meaning it only earned about $10 million worldwide.

Still, that was more than enough to convince people that Welsh director Gareth Evans should be trusted with a bigger budget for his follow up, so he was granted around $4.5 mill for The Raid 2. And it shows - there's more scale, more action and a LOT more talking, as well as plenty of additional characters.

But it's still a tiny budget for an action film, particularly one as ambitious as The Raid 2, so Evans and his crew still took the low fi approach to everything they could. And that includes the fight choroegraphy.

In this video you can see star Iko Uwais working on the choreography for the final fight against the assassin. Uwais choreographs all the fights in The Raid 1 and 2, along withYayan Ruhian who you'll also see in the video. He went on to play Mad Dog in The Raid and the homeless looking killer in The Raid 2.

This video was shot in 2010 with just a cameraman and some mats (as well as some hilarious fake blood effects) yet a lot of it still appears in the movie that was in cinemas four years later. These flicks take a long time to make!

This final fight is one of the best moments in The Raid 2, and its a one on one fight which is something the sequel rarely serves up. If you want to get an idea of how this version measures up against the one you seein the film film - withCecep Arif Rahman playing the role of the Assassin - in this video from YouTuberRizal Dua Gebe.

The Raid 2 is on home video in the US right now and comes to disk in Ireland and the UK in August 2014.

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