Watch the New Trailer for Incredible Stop Motion Flick The Boxtrolls!


Watch the New Trailer for Incredible Stop Motion Flick The Boxtrolls!

Laika. The name of the first dog to be shot into space and successfully orbit the Earth. Things didn't go so well for her after that...

But its also the name of a movie production studio based in Oregon in the United States. But not just any studio, Laika is one of the few places in the world still practising the art of stop motion. They've previously worked on Coraline in 2009 and upped the stakes for ParaNorman in 2012. The latter remains one of the best animated movies in my recent memories, partly for its incredible animation but just as much for the depth of its wonderful story and characters.

So more movies from Laika is always a thing to rejoice about, especially so when it look as good as The Boxtrolls.

It's based on a delightful book by Alan Snow called Here Be Monsters! that has a couple of different central characters. The film takes one of them, a human boy called Eggs who is adopted by creatures called The Boxtrolls and raised as one of their own.

Here's the latest trailer.

I just love the hand-made feel of the thing but also that Laiki isn't afraid to use some CG to give the whole thing a little more vim and energy. The detail of the characters and the motion is absolutely incredible and while it doesn't look like as mature a movie as ParaNorman it still promises to be a delightful experience.

If you're interested in the art of stop-motion, you really should keep up to date with the Boxtrolls Instagram feed and Laika's official home page.

The Boxtrolls features the voices of Elle Fanning, Isaac Hempstead-Wright, Ben Kingsley, Jared Harris, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Richard Ayoade.

See it in cinemas in September 2014.

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