Watch the Trailer for Cronenberg's Maps to the Stars


Watch the Trailer for Cronenberg's Maps to the Stars

Let's be honest here - Cosmopolis made no sense. And as a person who thinks of themselves as a fan of David Cronenberg's work, I honestly haven't enjoyed anything he's made since A History of Violence. Yes I know Eastern Promises came afterwards, my statement stands.

So I approach any new Cronenberg joint with considerable trepidation, especially something like Maps to the Stars. For one thing, there's a lot of crossover with the world of Cosmopolis. Not only does it share a couple of cast members in Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon but it also seems to be interrogating the world of celebrity in some similar ways.

However, Maps seems to be an altogether more light hearted affair, something which was sadly missing from Cronenberg's previous film. It's also got an incredible cast led by Julianne Moore and the kind of self-aware satire that could be entertaining.

Here's the latest trailer.

Reviews out of Cannes have been mixed to postive, mostly focussing on the performances of that stellar cast. One thing I worry about is that fact that the whole plot appears to be in this trailer but maybe the story isn't that important or there's plenty more to tell in this twisted tale.

As much as you have to admire Cronenberg for managing to move away from the genre trapping of his earlier films is it too much to expect just a little bit of body horror from time to time? A Dangerous Method could have really done with some of the disturbing imagery of his early work.

Here's the poster for Maps to the Stars, in cinemas September 26th.

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