Watch the Trailer For Kevin Smith's Tusk. Which is Seriously Messed Up


Watch the Trailer For Kevin Smith's Tusk. Which is Seriously Messed Up

We're not really sure what Kevin Smith is up to these days, and it kind of seems like the filmmaker is having the same problems.

From early cult success with Clerks and Mallrats, he's increasingly had trouble stepping into the mainstream. Zack and Miri was a dud and his attempt to make a comedy with Bruce Willis was a total disaster. Remember Cop Out? Yea...

So he retreated to indie stuff again with 2011's Red State and tried to distribute the film himself. It made a million on a four million budget. Up next Tusk.

This time around, he's sticking with the horror genre and releasing the film in a conventional manner. But that doesn't mean its a conventional film. It's about a dude (Justin Long) who goes looking for an interesting story for his podcast and ends up chatting to Michael Parks (who was so scary in Red State). Then things get a little... funky.

The first trailer is in from Comic-Con.

So. Yea. That happened.

If he can keep the tone a little comedic this one could be a bit of a cult hit. It's certainly strange and screwed up enough but I can't see it raking in the dough. There's an interesting cast though, including a minor role for the one and only Johnny Depp.

Tusk is coming to cinemas in the US in September 2014.

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