Watch This Awesome Test Footage for the Deadpool Movie That Never Was


Watch This Awesome Test Footage for the Deadpool Movie That Never Was

X-Men Origins Wolverine was a pretty crap movie but it also did one truly terrible thing - it kind of killed Deadpool.

Now we all know that the merc with the mouth is invulnerable to bodily harm, but the movie not only removed his freakin' mouth (!) but also soiled the memory of the character for fans and filmmakers alike.

5 years on and most have forgotten about Wolverine, not least because Fox has since made a slightly better flick with the same name, yet still we have no Deadpool. The perfectly cast Ryan Reynolds still says he's interested but he's already 37 so hurry up already!

VFX dude Tim Miller was attached to direct in 2012 and it seems he got further along than many though. Test footage from that years has just appeared online and its an amazing glimpse at what could still kinda sorta maybe be a thing. Reynolds lends his voice and motion to the entirely CG proof of concept. And we want to see more of this now.

Obviously the quality is a bit dire but you can still get a hint of the violence which has long been a sticking point in the adaptation. Studio sorts are fond of saying they're all for an R-rated version of your favourite property but bugger all of them actually get made. Realistically, I don't know if a PG-13 Deadpool would even have any point.

So for right now there's a director and a familar star, even if he's not that bankable these days. Give them $40 million and let's see what they can do!

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