Waves of Blue Student Film Coming to a Festival Near You!


Waves of Blue Student Film Coming to a Festival Near You!

Waves of Blue is a short film recently completed by students in the final year of the Multimedia course at Dublin City University.

The film is the brainchild of director Adam McGee who co-wrote the script withJames Mullarkey and Martina Browne. Waves of Blue deals with the way in which people deal with grief but theoriginal idea for the project was quite different, as McGee explains: "After a couple of months where myself and my co-writers were torturing ourselves trying to finish a script for a dystopian Sci-Fi film, the idea suddenly just occurred to me, and we changed our focus immediately.Within a couple of days, the script was completed in it's entirety, and we were putting out casting calls."

The films foccuses on a young man called Jason (Shane Robinson) who has recently lost his mother and the strange and unusual ways in which the people around him attempt to help him deal with the loss. "The main premise, and what we wanted to explore as filmmakers was the uneasiness that surrounds grief," says McGee. "We made a conscious decision to step away from a generic focus on a single character's struggles, as we thought it was much more interesting to capture the way in which friends, families and acquaintances interact with those who are grieving."

The story follows Jason through a dayas he interacts with three important people in his life, all with the aim of telling a very human and relatable tale.

The film was made on a very tight budget, which meant restrictions on equipment and locations as well as time with the actors- all of which contributed to making it an exceptional learning experience for the crew.

Here's a look behind the scenes on Waves of Blue.

With his first film as a director completed, McGee is eager to get to work on his next but first its time to get the word out on Waves of Blue - and that means festivals. "We've entered it into the Galway Film Fleadh, and will push it across the whole festival circuit.There's no expectations in that regard, if we could just get screened that would be great, but either way it feels like the last step with the film, and I want to see it to it's completion."

You can find out more about Waves to Blue at the official site, and keep up to date with their festival progress on Twitter.

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