Westworld cost a shedload to make


Westworld cost a shedload to make

There's no denying that Westworld is a gorgeous looking show with huge sets, flawless special effects and a large, starry cast included Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris so it's no surprise that HBO's latest cost a lot to make.

Add in the fact that Westerns are notoriously expensive (and HBO has gone way over budget on the genre before with Deadwood) and you can begin to guess at the costs but you're probably still way under. The word is the entire first season cost a staggering $100 million. As for the huge scale pilot- it could be as high as $25 million on its own. That included several delays and reshoots.

Now a lot of those initial costs will go down because items like the sets, costumes and props now exist, and there's also a lot to set up in that first episode. But HBO has a habit of going even bigger as time goes on and it's safe to bet that Westworld is going to continue in that way.

So far, the response to the show has been pretty amazing, with huge viewing figures in the US and enthusiastic reviews. There are nine episodes left in the first season, and the stakes are already high for the characters.

Westworld airs on Sky Atlantic in Ireland on Tuesday evenings.

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