Westworld ticket price revealed - it's expensive!


Westworld ticket price revealed - it's expensive!

Are you watching Westworld yet? Well you should be.

It's HBO's brand new blockbuster series and I'm loving it already. As a long time fan of both sci-fi and videogames, there are layers and levels (literally) to what already appears to be going on- and it's interesting to see how elements of game narrative choices are being referenced and explored.

There's a whole lot more to come and the good news is that creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are getting ideas together for season 2 already, though HBO hasn't officially confirmed that it will be made.

For right now, it seems like a safe bet that there are big plans for the show, not least because a huge amount of additional material has been put together in a series of websites. Discoverwestworld lets you check out the amenities and even book a stay.

It's region locked so you might need to do some VPN stuff to get a look but there's a lot of info to be found, including the delights on offer in this fabulous park and even get a look at the prices. Here's some info on a typical stay:

There are several options available, including different levels like Standard, Silver and Gold- the more you pay the easier your access is to higher levels of the park with more challenging elements. You have to wonder what Ed Harris' character is paying.

There's just a huge amount of lore already out there for the show, including a bunch of internal security logs here and there's even a huge contract with some juicy stuff- read a breakdown over here.

Westworld airs on Sunday nights on HBO in the States and on Tuesday on Sky Atlantic in Ireland.

-Daniel Anderson

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