Westworld trailer- this is your new fave show


Westworld trailer- this is your new fave show

Westworld has had a pretty interesting time getting to the small screen, with numerous delays and behind the scenes controversy, as well as a total production shut down while massive script issues were resolved.

But hey that's all behind us now as the show get ready to debut on HBO on the 2nd of October. And boy is it looking good.

There just so much dark and dense stuff in here, with the idea being that a park filled with hyper-real humanoid androids starts to get interesting with the first glimmers of artificial intelligence.

The promos are great so far too, leaning into the idea of not revealing who is human and who isn't and also now basking in the looser content restictions on this cable channel. You can be sure there will be plenty of violence, and some eyebrows were raised over news of mass orgy scenes shot last year.

Anthony Hopkins is one of the biggest names in the cast and he's joined by the likes of Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood (back on the channel after her turn in True Blood), James Marsen, Thandie Newtron, Luke Hemsworth and Creed's Tessa Thompson.

Early reviews are billing this as your new favourite show, and we can't help but agree.

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