What Happens After You Win An Oscar?


What Happens After You Win An Oscar?

Eddie Redmayne, Alexandre Desplat, Julianne Moore, Common, Tom Cross, Bub Asman, Anna Pinnock, Thomas Culey, Laura Poitras, John Legend and Patricia Arquette. All of these people have one special thing in common - they just won an Academy Award.

The 2015 Oscars were held on Sunday night, honouring the best and brightest in the cinematic sphere. And the speeches this year were some of the most stirring in years, with heartfelt messages from old hands like J.K. Simmons to powerful pleas from song folks Common and John Legend and a call to action from the marvellous Patricia Arquette. With just 45 seconds before that famous music cut in, the winners have a lot to remember with people to thank and personal messages to get in before the mic gets cut off.

It's no doubt a very emotional experience, and one which must really flash by in an instant with a blur of lights and the whirl of attractive assistants (and the often incredibly famous host) ushering things on so the next winner can be called. But we got to wondering about the immediate aftermath - as you step off that stage and into the warren of noise and bustle behind the scenes at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, what happens after you win an Oscar?

It's bound to be a bit of an anticlimax, sweatily gripping the iconic 3.8 kilo statue in one hand and desperately hoping you managed to hold it together in front of millions of people around the world. Straight after they leave the stage, the winner is given a glass of champagne or another appropriate beverage and a little room to breathe - they have just won an Oscar after all!

Then, things get really interesting. Each winner is escorted out of the Dolby Theatre and into the Loews hotel next door to meet the press. First they're bombarded with flashes in the photo room, providing some of the first good quality shots we get to see of the winner. That goes on for a good few minutes to ensure every outlet has plenty of angles to pore over as they get their reaction pieces ready, then its time for questions.

The interview room is packed full of up to 300 journalists from every corner of the globe. Each media person has their own number mounted on a paddle, and they'll each be hoping that one of them gets picked to ask a question of the star. Time is limited and the subject is often more than a little frazzled. Or sometimes they're just Jennifer Lawrence.

After the gurning and the grilling, the winner can finally relax a little as they head back down Winners Walk to the theatre. If they want, they can go back into the auditorium to watch the rest of the ceremony (something which must be extra exciting if you're up for multiple awards) or chill out in the backstage Architectural Digest greenroom which is a very swanky affair indeed. For 2015, the space was designed by LA company Commune - and they had some extra help in the form of actual Oscar-winner Julianne Moore! No doubt she was so sure she was going to win that she just had to decide what couch she was going to lounge on.

The theme for the design of the room was Hollywood Hills living, and they went so far as to pump in a slight smell of Jasmine and film scenes from the actual Hollywood Hills to display on giant screens. The scenes even fade from dusk to night at the evening progressed. That's what it feels like to win an Oscar.Here's the green room for 2015.

But the night is far from over, and one of the most amazing parts has yet to come. As you've no doubt heard, there are many different parties to go to after the ceremony has finished - we've all seen photos of the stars partying away until the wee hours. But the Governer's Ball is the official after-party and it has some very particular advantages over all other shindigs.

For one thing, it's held at the Hollywood and Highland Center, which is just a five minute walk (or limo ride) from the Dolby Theatre. But the most impressive thing about the Governer's Ball is that its where the Oscar winners can get their name engraved on their fabulous prize!

That's right - when you receive your Oscar it doesn't even have your name on it, partly to ensure that the winners aren't revealed ahead of time. In the past, winners had to send the beloved statue away to the Academy for the engraving process, which often took several weeks. Now, they can head along to the Governer's Ball and get their details put on a plate while they wait - with everyone taking the utmost care not to have any pesky spelling mistakes on the finished product.

It must be a great moment for the star and provides them with another extra bit of ceremony after a long day, as well as an excuse to party. And, not incidentally, it also means that every Oscar winner is pretty much guaranteed to show up at the Governer's Ball - providing plenty of photo opps and more publicity for the Oscars and everyone involved. We have to wonder in 2015 if anyone tried to get one of those Lego Oscars engraved...

After that, the winners are free to head off to any of the half dozen or so parties (or all of them, if they want) as they ride high on the adrenaline of the moment. And sometimes they just go home, it has been a big day after all.

So if you've ever wondered what happens right after you win an Oscar, now you know the answer!

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