What Will Bond 24 Be Called? Find Out Live Right Here!


What Will Bond 24 Be Called? Find Out Live Right Here!

We've known for quite a while that there will be a Bond 24 - basically since Skyfall came out and it was incredible and we immediately wanted more of the same from the 007 team.

Thankfully that's already quite likely, with the same creative team of director Sam Mendes and writer John Logan in place and a strong possibility that the story will continue right where number 23 left off. But there are plenty of other details yet to be revealed, and we won't have to wait long for details.

As they did with Skyfall, the 007 squad will be taking part in a live event to confirm those both in front of and behind the cameras as well finally lifting the lid on what it's going to be called - because Bond 24 doesn't really have the right ring to it.

So you can join Mendes along with star Daniel Craig for these announcements as well as a photocall on December the 4th from 10.50am GMT. The annoucements proper will kick off at 11am, and you can watch it via the embed below.

Naturally some rumours are already circling, such as the possibility that the confirmed cast member Christophe Waltz might be playing a villain, maybe even long-running character Blofeld and that names like Dave Bautista and Penelope Cruz have been associated with the picture.

Time will tell. And soon.

Bond 24 has a release date of October 23rd 2015.

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