Why hasn't Guardians of the Galaxy 2's Comic Con footage been released?


Why hasn't Guardians of the Galaxy 2's Comic Con footage been released?

Marvel put on quite the show at Comic Con over the weekend, but unless you were there you may not see most of it any time soon. Writer/director of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 James Gunn has revealed why this is the case.

In a Facebook live stream, he told fans who couldn't be in Hall H that the footage isn't ready for widespread release just yet. But he reassured fans that it will be released.

He said, “Of course, I want to share everything with you guys, it’s important to me to be able to do that. But here’s the thing: the footage we released at Comic-Con will eventually be seen by the public but in a more finished form. It’s very early days, we’ve only been stopped shooting for a month… The visual effects are not finished. I am a perfectionist. People who follow me know that everything needs to be exactly how I want it to be to be seen in a film, so that it stands up to repeated viewings."

"And the truth is this Comic-Con footage… it’s not something that I nor Marvel are comfortable with being out there and standing up to repeated viewings. The visual effects just aren’t finished. If I do something, I want to do it 100% correctly. However, to sit in the audience one time with an excited crowd and show them an in-progress piece of film, it’s a different story.”

There was supposedly some new technology in place to prevent the recording of footage within Hall H. So now we wait for an official release.

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