Will Black Mirror Fans Get a 'San Junipero' Sequel?


Will Black Mirror Fans Get a 'San Junipero' Sequel?

Black Mirror returned in emphatic fashion this year on new platform Netflix much to the delight of Charlie Brooker fans across the globe. The dark lo-fi anthology series serves as a dark trip down the rabbit hole and the implications of technology on culture and society.

One of the stand out episodes of this season was undoubtedly ‘San Junipero’ an 80’s themed love story between Yorkie(Mackenzie Davis) and Kelly(Gugu Mbatha Raw). News this week emerged though that it might not be the last we see of the pair as there may be a sequel to the episode in season 7.

The speculation is centering around an exploration of the company that provides the service of San Junipero ‘TCKR’, and this may move away from the romance of the pair however Davis and Mbatha Raw are said to return.

The 80’s neon dream world hit heavy on the chords of nostalgia already vibrating from the runaway hit of the year Stranger Things, and the much lauded soundtrack by Clint Mansel will be released on vinyl.

Black Mirror will return to Netflix in 2017.

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