Wolverine 3 could get bloodier thanks to Deadpool


Wolverine 3 could get bloodier thanks to Deadpool

Deadpool is exploding at the box office, crossing the $300 million worldwide on its way to being one of the biggest comic book movies of all time. And that's great news because its a really entertaining picture - now we have to wait and see what effect it will have on the future of the genre.

It's pretty much a given that we're going to see more R-rated comic book fare, and at least some of them will be features that were planned as PG-13 with hastily added extra content to get a higher rating from the MPAA. Right now, we're hoping Warner Bros doesn't decide to pull this trick with Suicide Squad in the hope of a few extra dollars. There will also be projects which will get the chance to lean into their ratings a little more, and if its been a part of the film from the scripting stage that could lead to a more interesting final version.

One example which has been getting a lot of press attention recently is Wolverine 3. A brief glimpse of a promo poster at the New York Toy Fair turned up this surprising informtion.

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That mentions an R-rating in relation to the film, which is pretty interesting. However it absolutely doesn't mean we're getting an R-rated Wolvie in 2017 - firstly because this art is a placeholder and the information could be incorrect. We've also heard this possibility before in relation to the spin off series, with 2013's The Wolverine appearing on home video in an extended cut with added violence.

This spin off series has always been a little different to the main X-Men shows, that bit darker and gritter, making it a strong candidate for a higher rating. It also has, you know, a guy with incredibly sharp blades on his hands taking people apart up close and personal, so a drop or two of blood would actually just make sense. We're not sure we want to see an all-cursing, all-nudity version of the story, but something made for an older audience would be welcome.

That said, none of this is set in stone and the R-rated comic book bubble may well have burst by the time Wolverine 3 actually manages to release. It's currently getting ready for production and will be in cinemas in March 2017.

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