Wreck-it Ralph 2 is in the Works


Wreck-it Ralph 2 is in the Works
Wreck it again!

Disney is all over the sequel talk at the moment - recently revealing that work was underway on the Incredibles 2 and hinting at a Frozen sequel. Oh, and Cars 3...

But back in good news territory, it seems that Wreck-it Ralph 2 will also be staging a comeback. While talking to Collider, Henry Jackman was chatting about Captain America: The Winter Soldier when they straight up asked him about whether there would be more Ralph. And he straight up said yes:

"I did, to be honest with you. I can’t tell you more, not because I’m being coy, but I believe that it is officially on the cards. I don’t know any more other than a story is indeed being written. I’d be very surprised not to. I’m not blowing my own trumpet. Forget about the music. Just the movie itself I thought was a fantastically imaginative and creative piece of work."

So there will be another movie but it's at the writing stage, so we shouldn't expect it any time in the near future. Which is ok, because there's plenty to look forward to from the house of Mouse in the coming couple of years, including Finding Dory, The Good Dinosaur andInside Out (which looks really special).

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