X-Men Days of Future Past End Credit Scene Revealed. Spoilers!


X-Men Days of Future Past End Credit Scene Revealed. Spoilers!

First things first - yes there is a scene at the end of the credits forX-Men Days of Future Past (read our review).

We know you were all bummed when there was nothing at the end of Spider-man after waiting for so long but this scene isn't in a mid crawl pause, you'll have to hang around until everything else has happened. Just to be totally clear. And remember to keep your 3D glasses around because there's some stuff flying at your face.

Obviously enough, anything from here on down will totally tell you what happens and can be considered a spoiler if such things bother you.


Alright then...


The scene opens in a sandy wasteland of desert with murmured chants in the background. The camera rests on the back of a hooded figure who raises his arms. In the background, we start to see giant pieces of rock moving and shifting in a storm of blocks, finally settling into the form of a great pyramid.

The camera pans around the figure, revealing a young man with pale skin. Behind him on the dunes are the shadowy outlines of four men on horseback.

Cut to black.

It's a short scene but one of the more dynamic end credit moments yet released by a Marvel movie. And it's all about Apocalypse. He's a Marvel character who was born 5,000 years ago in Egypt and cast out because of his strange appearance. He bills himself as the first ever mutant and is possessed of nearly infinite strength and power, in addition to often swapping bodies to make himself generally immortal.

Behind him are the Four Horseman - Death, Pestilence, War and Famine - who are often people turned into powerful mutants by Apocalpyse. And he was around in ancient Egypt and helped to get those pyramids together. Apparently.

What's this all about then? Well Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer has already been talking up his next X-Men outing and its title is telling - X-Men: Apocalpyse. So this acts as a tease of the next film and the first movie appearance for a character most fans will be familar with.

Scarily enough, Apocalypse already has a release date - and its less than 2 years away on the 19th of May 2016. Apparently it will come after First Class in the timeline and take place in the 80s. And Channing Tatum is on board as Gambit!

X-Men: Days of Future Past is in cinemas now - read our 4 star review here.

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