X-Men Days of Future Past Extended Rogue Cut Coming Summer 2015


X-Men Days of Future Past Extended Rogue Cut Coming Summer 2015

X-Men Days of Future Past was an unexpected treat, a superhero team up movie which managed to be better than most of the existing onscreen X-Men lore to date.

That said, it was a bit of a mess at times, with a lot of story and a lot of characters to include in the 131 minute running time. But it seems even more was left on the cutting room floor, especially Anna Paquin's scenes. She was included in early trailers and even had her own character poster but never made it to the final version. In fact, her character of Rogue was supposed to be a major part of the second half of the film, taking over an important duty from Ellen Page'sKitty Pryde.

Producer Simon Kinberg has been talking about this excised material for months now, promising fans a new version of the film with Paquin's part re-instated. And now we've got word that this new version will arrive on home media in summer 2015, and its going to be dubbed 'The Rogue Cut'.

That's a pretty weird name if you ask me, implying that she's one of the major participants but I suppose I'll have to see how the film pans out. At least 10 extra minutes of footage have been promised, and there will also be extensions for other characters. You also have to wonder if the entire film will be shuffled around to make sure things flow properly or if they'll just be hastily inserted.

In terms of the timing, undoubtedly a new version takes a little while to edit, especially if there are special effects sequences to finish but there's more at play too. A summer release date would put The Rogue Cut out almost exactly a year before Singer's planned sequel X-Men Apocalypse and would do a great job of keeping these mutants in public consciousness.

X-Men Days of Future Past is on DVD and blu-ray from the 10th of November 2014.

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