You Can Fund a Ridiculously Over the Top POV Action Flick Called Hardcore


You Can Fund a Ridiculously Over the Top POV Action Flick Called Hardcore

You may remember a music video a couple of years back - possibly for the NSFW title of Bad Mother****er or because it was a kick ass cacaphony of violence, all kind of shown in one take and from a first person perspective.

If you haven't seen it, check it out here.

That's some good stuff - wouldn't you like to see a feature lengthed version of it?

Now you can, because directorIlya Naishullerhas one. In fact, it's called Hardcore andits already shot and locked and in a can ready for your eyeholes, he just needs a little bit of help to make it as awesome as possible. The Russian filmmaker has taken to IndieGogoand is looking for a modest $250,000 for kick-ass special effects and other unfun nonsense like taxes.

Because these things go better with visuals, here's a look at what Hardcore would look like for 90 odd minutes. Sharlto Copley is in it. Being English for some reason.

As much as I'm basically already on board thanks to the gimmick, Naisuller does some great stuff even in this 3 minute clip. There's jumping while flying through the air (one of my personal favourites), PARKOUR and a shedload of grenades. The filmmakers crafted their own POV GoProrigs for the production - and one of the IndieGogo perks is that you can get one of the shattered ones from filming signed by the stars.

It's a very cool project and all the more interesting because the film is already finished - so you won't have to wait two years before you see a single frame.

At the time of writing the campaign is already over a fifth of the way to completion with 33 days left - but the more money they get the better the effects will be. So get supporting, now!

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