You can help this Limerick made short film win big with a click


You can help this Limerick made short film win big with a click

Irish folk Celtic Badger Media have put together a new short film called Rewind. It has a neat concept and it's short (!) and you can watch it online for free!

The film was made by Celtic Badger's Aaron Walsh and has been entered into a major international competition called My Rode Reel. There are top prizes in the offing and Rewind could be in for glory with a little help.

Here's some more info:

"Rewind is the directorial debut of Aaron Walsh - a co founder of Celtic Badger Media (The Three Don'ts, Retribution, Cuppa). It was made bespoke for the My Rode Reel competition and tells the story of a man who will relive the worst moment of his life time and time again - no matter the cost - to try to change the outcome.

The film has climbed the ranks of the competition dramatically in the final week - going from page 27 of the most voted to page 5 in only 2 days. This was largely due to support from people like Nicholas Burman Vince (The Chatterer, Hellraiser), Andy Stewart (Award Winning Scottish Film-Maker), Barbie Wilde (The Female Cenobie, Hellraiser) and more.

Rewind desperately needs more votes to be in with a chance of winning the contest so the guys would really appreciate if you could follow the link and vote for the film to help a small crew of Limerick film-makers fulfill their dreams."

So if you liked the film pop over to the main Rode page and give it a vote. It's great to see a short Irish film made on a tiny budget being recognised at the international level.

You can help this Limerick made short film win big with a click on
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