Young Han Solo actors shortlist announced


Young Han Solo actors shortlist announced

Did you know there's a Star Wars spin off movie in the works which will focus on the earlier years in the life of Han Solo? It's not due to arrive until 2018 and is being directed by The Lego Movie guys Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

Does it sound like an awful idea? Well with those guys in the lead and the good will of three other Star Wars films before then, we're just going to have to ahead and give it the benefit of the doubt. For now.

Naturally one major part of bringing a younger version of the cast to life will be casting, just who the heck do you get to play a character that iconic, and one which has been embodied by a single actor - Harrison Ford - for almost 40 years? That's the conundrum which the directors and producer Kathleen Kennedy are currently trying to solve.

The filmmakers have gone through a list of thousands of talented young actors and have whittled it down to a dozen or so finalists. Variety has word on a few of the potential Solos, and the names are pretty interesting:

"Miles Teller, Ansel Elgort, Dave Franco, Jack Reynor, Scott Eastwood, Logan Lerman, Emory Cohen and actor Blake Jenner"

Of those, Teller seems to be the obvious choice - he has the attitute and also an element of the look. That said, Elgort is definitely closer to being a ringer for Solo and has proven to be a capable and charasmatic actor. I could also see Franco stepping up to the role. It's interesting to see Irish actor Reynor in the mix but that doesn't seem likely and Logan Lerman doesn't have the presence for the part.

That said, Disney has a habit of leaning towards less well known actors for its parts - they're cheaper and can be placed into long term contracts. Teller's star is already on the rise so he might be less likely to buy into that kind of deal.

Variety also reports that there's a rush on to find a new Solo so that he can cameo in Rogue One, which is currently shooting. Quite how he might feature in that tale, which is a prequel to A New Hope, remains to be seen but it does suggest that the events take place a good while before Episode IV, or at least some part of it does.

The Han Solo movie is set for release in summer 2018.

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