Zootropolis wins the weekend- Allegiant stalls


Zootropolis wins the weekend- Allegiant stalls

It seems Disney has a real hit on their hands with Zootropolis (called Zootopia in the States) as the film managed to grab the top spot at the box office yet again this weekend.

The film grabbed almost $40 million, earning almost $600 million worldwide already. And that was more than enough to see off new release Allegiant. The third part in the Divergent series scored $29 million. That doesn't sound like a bad result but both the first film and Insurgent managed over $50 million on opening weekend at the same time of the year. This may not bode well for the final feature, Ascendent, which is due in 2017.

Faith film Miracles from Heaven was at third with $15 million and 10 Cloverfield Lane nabbed $12.5 million, which is good going for a feature which cost around $15 million. Deadpool is still hanging in with $8 million in receipts and a whopping $730 million worldwide. That's more than Guardians of the Galaxy, well done fella!

London Has Fallen, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, The Perfect Match, The Brothers Grimsby and The Revenant finished out the top 10. Zootropolis is out in cinemas in Ireland now and is well worth checking out.

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