10 Gigabit WiFi Could Arrive Next Year


10 Gigabit WiFi Could Arrive Next Year
Prepare for unthinkable WiFi speeds very soon...

Quantenna Communications has announced that it's working on a brand new chipset that'll allow for WiFi speeds of 10 Gbps, almost ten times faster than the current top speeds, and the best news is that it could be ready as soon as next year!

Current high-end wireless solutions work by using three simultaneous data streams (hence their name, 3x3 MIMO, or 3x3 multiple input/multiple output), but by increasing the number of streams to a jaw dropping 8, Quantenna reckons it can deliver never before seen speeds across wireless networks.

The technology will be fully backwards compatible with existing networks, meaning that users won't need to upgrade everything in their homes, while existing devices such as games consoles and tablets will work just fine with the new hardware. Sadly, the company has said that it's got no plans to create a USB-based WiFi adapter from the technology or to create hardware for mobile devices, so it looks like it'll be restricted to desktop computers for the time being - although with the speeds being mooted, we're not going to complain!

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