3D Memory Chips on the Way From Toshiba and SanDisk


3D Memory Chips on the Way From Toshiba and SanDisk
Medium could store 50 hours of 4K video...

Memory technology heavyweights Toshiba and SanDisk are teaming up to bring a brand new 3D memory chip to market that could offer users the ability to store as much as 50 hours of Ultra HD 4K video.

The huge collaborative deal sets in motion plans to build a dedicated factory for the production of the technology, with costs said to be around $4.84 billion. With this new method, the companies believe that they will be able to offer flash memory solutions of around 1,000GB in size.

At the moment, most smartphones and tablets ship with between 8GB and 64GB of storage space built in, although this can often be supplemented with the use of inexpensive microSD cards of up to 64GB in size. The ability to store a terrabyte of data on a single module, however, could prove to be very significant in the continued evolution of the mobile space, with manufacturers and software developers alike able to take advantage of the vastly increased storage space.

Toshiba has also hinted that the memory could find a home in the emerging wearable technology market, which could prove to be revolutionary in years to come.

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