8K TVs are already on the way


8K TVs are already on the way

It's pretty likely that you're just fine with the HD TV you have at home, or you might just be getting around to the idea of possibly upgrading to a 4K set in the not too distant future.

Well the tech isn't about to stop there, with 8K already well on the way to invading your home.

Japanese broadcaster NHK has was out at the Rio Olympics recording some 8K footage in preparation for showing off the 2020 games at home in the massively high resolution. Those plans are afoot, but the problem is the lack of available 8K TV sets, only four years from the games.

So the broadcaster has teamed up with Sony and Panasonic (both Japanese TV makers) to fast track the technology and make 8K sets more readily available. We're also hoping that means they'll be cheaper.

It's going to be a tough sell for consumers for the next while as there's very little content at the native 8K resolution. Images can be upscaled of course but the results aren't necessarily going to dazzle people enough to make them upgrade.

Maybe one for Olympics nuts only?

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