Abode Lightroom brings Advanced Photo Editing to Android Handsets


Abode Lightroom brings Advanced Photo Editing to Android Handsets

Adobe has released an Android version of their popular photo-editing software Lightroom. It comes almost a year after the iPad version first launched in 2014 and will allow users to edit photos on the handset and sync their progress to their Adobe Creative Cloud.

The software was created with the Lightroom user in mind, replicating the look and feel of the desktop version as much as possible. You'll be able to use powerful tools to tinker with the images you've got stored on your phone and even edit RAW files straight from your DSLR, all while on the move.

It's not quite as simple as just downloading the app though - in order you use Lightroom mobile you'll have to already be signed up to an Adobe Creative Cloud account, with the photography only plan (including Lightroom, Photoshop and cloud storage) starting at €12.99 a month.

In addition, the app requies 8 gigs free on your phones internal memory - which currently doesn't include the space left on an inserted SD card. And right now the software is only available for mobiles, with a tablet version said to be in the works.

So while having the convenince of Lightroom on the go is a great asset its currently only really feasible for a small number of users, and especially those who are already signed up to Adobe Creative Cloud for Photoshop or more.

You can download the app here for Android.

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