Almost Half of Twitter Users Don't Tweet


Almost Half of Twitter Users Don't Tweet
Only around 13 per cent of Twitter users actually use Twitter...

Twitter is globally recognized as being one of the biggest social networks ever to have existed, with more than 974 million registered users in existence on the service. However, a report from Twopcharts, a company that specializes in all things Twitter, suggests that far less people actually use the service regularly than many people realize.

Of the 974 million accounts set up with the service, an astonishing 44% of them have never actually used their accounts, simply setting them up and never returning (or, at least, never actually tweeting anything). In addition to that, of the 550 million accounts that actually have used the service to post messages, 43% haven't posted anything in the last two years.

And the one number that'll really blow your socks off is the claim that just 126 million users of the service have used it to post a message within the past 30 days. That's just 13% of registered users, suggesting that far, far fewer people actually use Twitter than the company would like you to think.,

Twitter has always been a little reluctant to give information regarding active users and user retention, but these numbers are simply incredible. It remains to be seen whether the company will make any official response.

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