Amazon's Dash button isn't an April Fools but that doesn't mean its not crazy


Amazon's Dash button isn't an April Fools but that doesn't mean its not crazy

It's April Fool's day, which means you're going to see a lot of annoucements from brands who think its a good day to try to seem more human. Many of them will be awful, because brands aren't human beings and often don't seem to even possess a sense of humour.

Amazon has also been talking about a new product called the Dash button. It's a small plastic button you can stick to a wall in your house. The idea is that these branded buttons will be for ordering a certain item - so you can put it near where you store your washing powder or your shaving cream and when your stocks are starting to look low, you'll just press it. An order will automatically be created with Amazon for the amount of the product you've set via the mobile app, and it will arrive at your door a couple of days later.

It's a plastic button which is the first step towards never leaving your house again...

Obviously, this feels like a joke at first but official information of Amazon has confirmed that it's entirely real. It remains to be seen whether they're going to go back on that statement tomorrow but for now, Dash is totally real. A small number of brands have come on board already (as you can see from the video) and its all about items you can buy in bulk and store for the future. It's a program which will only be available to Prime members for the moment but the buttons themselves are free. Eventually, Amazon would hope to be able to remove something so crude as a button and interface directly with your household appliances to find out when you're running low. Which isn't at all sinister.

We're still pulling for this to be a joke.


Amazon`s Dash button isn`t an April Fools but that doesn`t mean its not crazy on
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