Android bot spotted peeing on Apple logo on Google Maps


Android bot spotted peeing on Apple logo on Google Maps

If you go onto Google Maps for directions near the city of Rawlpindi in Pakistan, you may be in for a rude surprise. Yep, that is the Android bot peeing on the Apple logo.

The unexpected imagery can be seen to the south of the city. We’re guessing that the city’s residents aren’t passionate enough about their gadget preference that they would plan parks and pavements to map out this image. The satellite view of the area confirms this.

At the moment, it’s unclear how or why this was added to Google Maps. The base terrain information cannot be edited by the public, but someone is clearly messing around with the system. To the east is a message scrawled into a patch of green. It says “Google review policy is crap" and features a giant frowny face.

Around two weeks ago, there was also the mysterious appearance of Edward Snowden in the White House. Well, there was a business listing for a snowboard shop named "Edward's Snow Den" with the location changed to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Google needs to tighten up control of its Maps. Naturally, people are on the hunt for more images ingrained in the landscape.

Android bot spotted peeing on Apple logo on Google Maps on
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