Android L rolling out to Sony Xperia Z1 handsets


Android L rolling out to Sony Xperia Z1 handsets

Android is a bit of a funny platform in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to updates.

With hundreds of different phone models from dozens of manufacturers running the OS, getting out updates to the millions of users tends to be a long and difficult process. Each phone maker has a different way of going about testing and releasing updates and with multiple skins of the operating system it can be quite a chore to make sure everything is working correctly.

So it's great to hear that Android L, also known as Lollipop, is still coming to handsets around the world, with the latest news indicating that Sony Mobile's Xperia Z1 is getting the update.

The Xperia Z1 debuted in 2013 so it's great to see Sony continuing to support their older devices, especially in their flagship Z range. This Android L update follows on from a slew of OS refreshes across the Sony Mobile range, including the Z3 and Z2 over the last couple of weeks.

Android L will come to the Xperia Z1 in an over the air update and will be released gradually to all handsets. Users will find an updated visual interface, new lock screen functionality and lot more besides in Lollipop.

Android L rolling out to Sony Xperia Z1 handsets on
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