Android Malware More Prevalent Than First Thought


Android Malware More Prevalent Than First Thought
Your smartphone may be more dangerous than you thought...

A brand new report from Finnish researchers has suggested that Android malware may be a much bigger problem than many think, and with the continued popularity of the operating system it's a problem that will only get bigger unless it's addressed in short order.

The group's findings are based on research over a seven month period where more than 50,000 devices were studied. While there's no real need to start worrying yet, given the fact that the infection rate was a mere 0.25%, that number is far higher than was previously thought, which gives cause for real concern.

With so much personal information on users' smartphones these days, including sensitive passwords and logins for banking and email apps, as well as personal data like credit card information, home addresses and contact numbers, keeping smartphones safe has to be one of the key priorities for manufacturers in the years ahead.

This study follows a 2013 report from Cisco that claimed an astonishing 99% of mobile malware was developed for Android devices, so if nothing else users should always be diligent when it comes to choosing which software they put on their devices, while avoiding any non-Google Play app repositories or stores.

Android Malware More Prevalent Than First Thought on
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